Music of Eugene Zador, vol. 3

Budapest Symphony Orchestra, Hungary.

Music of Eugene Zador, vol. 3

NAXOS International, December 2015


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Eugene Zádor, Budapest Symphony Orchestra
Polish conductor Mariusz Smolij elicits rousing performances from the Budapest MÁV Symphony Orchestra that turn what might otherwise come off as ordinary fare into a memorable listening experience. Lush strings, mellow woodwinds and lusty brass characterize an ensemble where all the soloists are virtuosos in their own right.
Bob McQuiston, Classical Lost and Found, USA
Superb homage
This is up to now the nicest program in Smolij’s Zador series, comprising a suite of fanciful variations and the Third Symphony which is a superb homage to the Viennese dances.
Remy Franck, Pizzicato, Luxemburg
Excellent promoters
The third in an ongoing series covering the orchestral works of the Hungarian-born composer, Eugene Zádor, who in his middle years found fame in Hollywood films. His eminent place during his time in Vienna is reflected by the famous conductor, Hans Knappertsbusch, having directed the premiere of the Third Symphony. Rich in melodic invention, he let too many idea pass without linking and expanding them, though at least the joyful finale leaves you in a happy mood. The Budapest orchestra, under the direction of Mariusz Smolij, produce the warm and smooth quality the work needs, and prove excellent promoters of their native composer.
David Denton, David's Review Corner, U.K.
Terrific release
It is almost inconceivable that this disc will not bring pleasure to the curious listener. The music is fresh and vivacious throughout, expertly conceived and executed, and very well recorded indeed. (…) The Budapest Symphony plays with commendable lightness, and the dance element is beautifully to the fore. This is a terrific release, one that reminds us that Naxos’s explorations into the lesser-known repertoire can often yield rich rewards.
Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine, Tenafly, New Jersey