The works listed below have been conducted with one or more of the 135 orchestras listed below, and the following abbreviations are used:

Orchestras of North and South America - click here to open Orchestras of North and South America - click here to close

- Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta, GA (ASO)
- Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Detroit, MI (DSO)
- Houston Symphony Orchestra, Houston, TX (HSO)
- Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Rochester, NY (RPO)
- New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, Newark, NJ (NJSO)
- Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Indianapolis, IN (ISO)
- Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra, Indianapolis, IN (ICO)
- Symphony II (Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra), Chicago, IL (SLO)
- Saint Louis Philharmonic, St. Louis, MO (STLP)
- National Music Festival Orchestra, MD (NMF)
- Riverside Symphonia, Lambertville, NJ (RSL)
- Acadiana Symphony Orchestra, Lafayette, LA (ASOL)
- Symphony Nova Scotia, Halifax, Canada (SNS)
- Orquestra Sinfonica del Estado Mexico, Mexico (OSEM)
- Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, New Orleans, LA (LAPO)
- Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra, Baton Rouge, LA (BRSO)
- Hartford Symphony Orchestra, Hartford, CT (HSCT)
- Omaha Symphony Orchestra, Omaha, NE (OSO)
- Boise Philharmonic, Boise, ID (BP)
- Huntsville Symphony Orchestra, AL (HSA)
- Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra, Biloxi, MS (GCSO)
- Erie Philharmonic, Erie, PA (EPO)
- Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra, Duluth, MN (DSSO)
- Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra, Saginaw, MI (SBSO)
- Peoria Symphony Orchestra, Peoria, IL (PSO)
- Texas Festival Orchestra, Round Top, TX (TFO)
- Cayuga Chamber Orchestra, Ithaca, NY (CCO)
- Nova Scotia Festival Orchestra, Halifax, Canada (NSFO)
- Missouri Symphony, Columbia, MO (MSO)
- Orquesta Sinfonica Guanajuato, Mexico (OSG)
- National Symphony Orchestra of Bolivia, La Paz, Bolivia (NOB)
- Orchestra Sinfonica Bogota, Columbia (OSB)
- Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra, Bogota, Columbia (BPC)
- Orchestra Sinfonica Grande do Norte, Natal, Brazil (GNBR)
- Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra, Boulder, CO (BPO)
- Fort Collins Symphony, CO (FCS)
- Forward Ensemble, Evanston, IL (FOE)
- Contemporary Music Ensemble, Evanston, IL (CME)
- El Paso Symphony Orchestra, El Paso, TX (EPSO)
- Lincoln Symphony Orchestra, Lincoln, NE (LSO)
- Elkhart Symphony Orchestra, Elkhart, IN (ECSO)
- Acadian Wind Symphony, Lafayette, LA (AWS)
- Fort Bend Symphony Orchestra, Houston, TX (FBSO)
- Essex County Chamber Orchestra, West Orange, NJ (ECCO)
- Bridgeton Symphony, Bridgeton, NJ (BRSO)
- Kankakee Symphony Orchestra, Kankakee, IL (KKSO)
- North Sub. Symphony Orchestra, Lake Forest, IL (NSS)
- Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, Knoxville, TN (KSO)
- Oak Ridge Symphony Orchestra, Oak Ridge, TN (ORSO)
- Musica Nova Ensemble, Rochester, NY (MNE)
- Morpheus, Contemporary Chamber Ensemble, Rochester, NY (Morph)
- Eastman Philharmonia, Rochester, NY (E. Phil)
- Eastman School Symphony Orchestra, Rochester, NY (ESSO)
- Northwestern University Symphony Orchestra, Evanston, IL (NUSO)
- Northwestern University Chamber Orchestra, Evanston, IL (NUCO)
- Rochester Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, Rochester, NY (RPYO)
- University of Tennessee Civic Orchestra, Knoxville, TN (UTCO)
- Louisiana State University Orchesra, Baton Rouge, LA (LSUS)
- Greater Newark Youth Orchestra, Newark, NJ (GNYO)
- Chicago Symphony Youth Orchestra, Chicago, IL (CHYO)
- Sam Houston University Orchestra, Huntsville, TX (SHSU)
- Colorado State University Orchestra, Fort Collins, CO (CSUO)
- Boulder Youth Symphony Orchestra, Boulder, CO (BYSO)


Orchestras of Europe, Asia, South Africa - click here to open Orchestras of Europe, Asia, South Africa - click here to close

- Orchestre Lamoureux, Paris, France (OLP)
- Rotterdam Chamber Orchestra, Netherlands (RCO)
- Basel Symphony Orchestra, Switzerland (BSOS)
- Bern Symphony Orchestra, Switzerland (BRNS)
- Polish Chamber Orchestra, Poland (PCO)
- Vienna Schonbrunn Orchestra, Vienna, Austria (VSO)
- Polish National Radio Orchestra, Krakow, Poland (PL Nat)
- Sinfonia Varsovia, Poland (SV)
- National Philharmonic, Warsaw, Poland (NPW)
- Lutosławski Philharmonic, Wroclaw, Poland (LPW)
- Israel Symphony Orchestra, Israel (IS)
- Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Israel (JSO)
- Musica Nova, Tel Aviv, Israel (MNI)
- Israel Sinfonietta, Beer Sheva, Israel (IS)
- Kiel Philharmonisches Orchester, Germany (KPO)
- Jena Philharmonic, Jena, Germany (JP)
- Bergische Symphoniker Solingen/Remscheid, Germany (BSSR)
- Thueringen Symphoniker, Germany (TS)
- Staatsorchester Frankfurt, Germany (SOF)
- Göttingen Symphony Orchestra, Germany (GSO)
- Vogtland Philharmonie, Germany (VP)
- Immling Festival Orchestra, Germany (IFOG)
- Budapest Symphony Orchestra MAV, Hungary (MAV)
- Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, Belgrade, Serbia (BLPO)
- Virtuosi di Madrid, Spain (VMS)
- La Rioja Festival Orchestra, Logrono, Spain (LRL)
- Orquestra de Camera Cascais-Lisbon, Portugal (OCLP)
- Florence Chamber Orchestra, Italy (FCO)
- Orchestra Sinfonica San Remo, Italy (OSR)
- Guido d’Arezzo Orchestra, Italy (GDA)
- Collegium Symphonium Veneto, Italy (CSV)
- Orchestra Sinfonica di Lecce, Italy (OSL)
- Orchestra Sinfonica Teatro Olimpico, Vicenza, Italy (TOV)
- Orchestra Sinfonica Citta di Grosseto, Italy (CDG)
- Guardiagrele Opera Festival Orchestra, Italy (GOFO)
- Orchestra Sinfonica della Provincia Lecco, Italy (OLCC)
- Lake Como Philharmonic, Italy (LCP)
- Sofia National Philharmonic, Bulgaria (SFB)
- Szombately Symphony Orchestra, Szombately, Hungary (SSO)
- Cyprus National Symphony Orchestra, Nicosia, Cyprus (CYSO)
- Bacau Symphony Orchestra, Romania (BSR)
- Martinu Philharmonic, Zlin, Czech Republic (BMF)
- International Festival Orchestra, Czech Republic (IFO)
- Slovak State Philharmonic, Kosice, Slovak Republic (SSP)
- Jeunesse Musicale International Youth Orchestra, Germany (JMO)
- Poznań Philharmonic Orchestra, Poznan, Poland (PFO)
- Leopoldinum, Wrocław Chamber Orchestra, Poland (LWCO)
- Capella Bydgostiensis, Bydgoszcz, Poland (CB)
- Polish Orchestra Sinfonia Iuventus, Warsaw, Poland (POSI)
- Silesian Philharmonic Orchestra, Katowice, Poland (SLP)
- Podlaska Philharmonic and Opera, Bialystok, Poland (PPB)
- Łódź Philharmonic Orchestra, Łódź, Poland (LPP)
- Olsztyn Philharmonic, Olsztyn, Poland (OLS)
- Pomeranian Philharmonic Orchestra, Bydgoszcz, Poland (PPO)
- Sinfonia Baltica, Słupsk, Poland (SBS)
- Płocka Symphony Orchestra, Płock, Poland (POS)
- Toruń Chamber Orchestra, Toruń, Poland (TCO)
- Toruń Symphony Orchestra, Toruń, Poland (TOS)
- Sudety Philharmonic Orchestra, Wałbrzych, Poland (SPO)
- Jelenia Góra Philharmonic, J. Góra, Poland (JGP)
- Lublin Wieniawski Philharmonic, Lublin, Poland (LWP)
- Moniuszko Philharmonic, Koszalin, Poland (MPK)
- Opole Philharmonic Orchestra, Opole, Poland (OPO)
- Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra, Katowice, Poland (AMS)
- Lutosławski Chamber Philharmonic, Łomża, Poland (LCP)
- Subcarpatian Philharmonic Orchestra, Rzeszów, Poland (SPR)
- Kielce Philharmonic Orchestra, Kielce, Poland (KPO)
- Zabrze Philharmonic Orchestra, Zabrze, Poland (ZPO)
- Hiroshima Ensemble, Hiroshima, Japan (HE)
- National University Orchestra, Singapore (SGP)
- Tianjin Conservatory Symphony Orchestra, China (TCSO)
- Sangmyung University Orchestra, Seoul, South Korea (SUSK)
- Johannesburg Music Initiative Orchestra, South Africa (JMI)
- Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra, South Africa (JPO)




T. Albinoni Adagio for strings and organ RSL, Dec’02, ASOL, Aug’07
  Concerto for trumpet and strings RSL, May’14
J.S. Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 ASOL, March’06, RSL, Oct’10, ASOL, Jan’11
  Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 RSL, Dec'96, NUCO, Oct'97, RSL, Jan’00, LPW, Jan’03, PCO, Sept’03, JMI, July,04, ASOL, May’11, ASOL, Feb’18
  Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 RSL, Jan’01, ASOL, May’11, RSL, May’14
  Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 ASOL, May’11, ASOL, May’16
  Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B-minor ASOL, March’05, ASOL, Nov’05, ASOL, Feb’12 ASOL, April’15, ASOL, Feb’16, ASOL, Feb’19
  Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D-Major NJSO, Oct'96, RSL, March'98, SV, May’01, HSO, April’02, LPW, May’03, PCO, Set’03, JMI, July’04, RSL, Dec’04, LPW, May’06, ASOL, Aug’07, LWCO, April’08, ASOL, May’11, ASOL, March’12, TOS, Feb’17, TOS, April’17 ASOL. May’17, LCP, Dec’18
  Concerto for violin in A-minor CDG, Aug’19
  Concerto for Three Violins in D-Major GNYO, April'96
  Concerto for violin and oboe in D-minor VP, May’04, RSL, April’16
  Concerto for piano and orchestra A-Major BWV 1055, TS, May’18, TOS, May’19
  Cantata No. 82 ASOL, July’09
  Cantata No. 140 (excerpts) RSL, Dec’00, ASOL, Dec’05
  Cantata No. 147 (excerpts) ASOL, Feb’18, ASOL,Feb’19, ASOL, Nov’19
  Cantata No. 191 ASOL, April’14
  Cantata No. 209 (excerpts) ASOL, March’13
  Christmas Oratorio (excerpts) RSL, Dec’99, RSL, Dec’02, RSL, Dec’15, RSL, Dec’19
  St. Matthew Passion (excerpts) ASOL, March’13
  Mass in B-minor (excerpts) RSL, Dec’16
J.C. Bach Sinfonia in D-Major, op.18 NUCO, March'97
C.P.E. Bach Concerto for Flute in D-minor NJSO, April'95, RSL, Feb'98
  Piano Concerto in D-minor Wvq22 OCLP, May’19
W. Boyce Symphony No. 8 GNYO, April'95, ECCO, April'96
G. Caccini Ave Maria RSL, June’05, ASOL, Feb’17
M.A. Charpentier Gloria RSL, Dec’00, ASOL, Dec’10
J. Clarke March for the Prince of Denmark HSO, June’02
A. Corelli Concerto Grosso in D major, op.6. No.1 RSL, Sept’01, LPW, Oct’02, ASOL, Nov’05
  Concerto Grosso in G minor "Christmas" NJSO, Dec'96, RSL, Dec’99, RSL, Dec’06 RSL, Dec’09, RSL, Dec’14
  Concerto Grosso in B flat major, op. 6, No. 11 HSO, March 2002
Frederick the Great Flute Concerto No. 3 PCO, Sept’03
G. Gabrieli Sacrae Symphonie No. 15 RSL, Dec’04
  Sonata piano-forte RSL, June’05, ASOL, Dec’05
  Canzoni Septimi Toni RSL, Dec’08, ASOL, Oct’12
E. de la Guerre Overture to Cephale and Procris RSL, March’19
G.F. Handel Concerto Grosso in G-major, op. 6, No. 1 HSO, Nov’01
  Concerto Grosso in D-minor, op. 6, No. 10 LWCO, Feb’06
  Concerto Grosso in B-minor, op.6, No. 12 NUCO, Oct’99
  Music for Royal Fireworks NUCO, Oct.'96, HSO, Dec’02, LPW, Jan’04, RSL, Dec’04, RSL, June’05, ASOL, Dec’07, RSL, Dec’11, ASOL, Nov’14
  Water Music RPO, Nov'98, RSL, July’99, TCO, Sept’99, HSO, May’01, VP, May’04, ASOL, April’14, PPO, Aug’17
  Viola Concerto (Casadeus) NJSO, March'96
  Organ Concerto op. 4, No. 3 ASOL, July’09
  Suite in D-major for trumpet and strings ASOL, Feb’18
  Alcina (excerpts) RSL, Dec’07, GOFO, July’18
  Ariodante (excerpts) GOFO, July’18
  Julius Cesear (excerpts) GOFO, July’18
  Judas Maccabaeus (excerpts) ASOL, March’13, ASOL, Feb’17, ASOL, Feb’20
  Messiah (excerpts) NJSO, Dec'96, RSL, Dec’08, ASOL, Dec’09, ASOL, Dec’11, ASOL, Dec’12, OSB, Dec’12, RSL, Dec’13, ASOL, Dec’13, RSL, Dec’14, ASOL, Dec’14, RSL, Dec’15, ASOL, Dec’15, ASOL, Dec’16, RSL, Dec’16 ASOL, Nov’17, RSL, Dec’17, ASOL, Dec’18, RSL, Dec’19, ASOL, Dec’19
  Rinaldo (excerpts) GOFO, July’18
  Salomon (excerpts) RSL, Dec’00 JMI, July’04, ASOL, April’15
  Samson (excerpts) RSL, Dec’05, ASOL, April’15
  Tamerlano (excerpts) GOFO, July’18
  Theodora (excerpts) ASOL, April’15
  Xerxes (excerpts) RSL, Dec’07, GOFO, July’18, ASOL, Feb’19
J.A. Hasse Mass in D-minor ASOL, May’18
A. Jarzębski Tamburetta, Chromatica, Canzona Quatra NUCO, Nov'98, ASOL, Aug’07 ASOL, April’15, ASOL, Feb’18
F. Manfredini Concerto Grosso op. 3 “Christmas” RSL, Dec’99, ASOL, Dec’03, RSL, Dec’10
A. Marcello Concerto for Oboe in C-minor RSL, April'98, ASOL, Feb’13, ASOL, March’13, RSL, April’13
  Concerto for Guitar (oboe) in D-minor NUSO, May'99
J. Pachelbel Canon for strings HSO, Jan’01
G.B. Pergolesi Overture to O Frate ‘nnamurato GOFO, July’18
  La Serva Padrona (full opera production) GOFO, July’18
H. Purcell The Fairy Queen (excerpt) ASOL, April’15
T.A. Vitali Chiaconne for violin & strings in G-minor CDG, Aug’19
A. Vivaldi Gloria RSL, Dec’00, HSO, Dec’02, ASOL, Dec’10, ASOL, Oct’12, ASOL, Dec’19
  “Four Seasons” NJSO, June'95, GNYO, April'95, NUCO, Feb'99, RSL, Jan’00, RSL, Oct’02, HSO, Dec’02, LPW, March’04, ASOL, March’05, RSL, Oct’09, RSL, Oct’09, ASOL, Jan’10, ASOL, March’12 ASOL, Oct’15, ASOL, Feb’19, TOS, March’19
  Concerto for Two Trumpets in C-major NJSO, Dec'96, NUCO, June’00, RSL, Dec’03, ASOL, Dec’04
  Concerto for Orchestra "Dresden" NUCO, May'97, RSL, Oct'98, ASOL, Nov’07, ASOL, April’14
  Concerto for Guitar in D-major NUSO, May'99
  Concerto for flute piccolo in C-major ASOL, Feb’19
  Violin Concerto in A-minor #6 ASOL, March’10, ASOL, May’12
  Concerto for Two Violins in A-minor ASOL, Oct’12, ASOL, May’16
  Four Violin Concerto in B-minor ASOL, Jan’12, March’12, March’13
  Concerto for Two Cellos in G-minor HSO, April’02, LWCO, Feb’06, ASOL, Feb’14
  Cello Concerto in G-Major TOS, Feb’17
  Cello Concerto in B flat-Major LCP, Dec’18
  Viola Concerto in G-Major TIS, May’19
  Flute Concerto, op. 10, No. 3 ASOL, July’08, ASOL Aug’10, ASOL, Nov’10, ASOL, Dec’10
  Flute Concerto, op. 10, No. 4 ASOL, April’15, ASOL, Feb’16
  Juditha Triumphs (excerpts) ASOL, April’15
  Sinfonia Al Sentro Sepolcro ASOL, April’19
G.P. Telemann Suite from Don Quichotte NUCO, April'99, PCO, Sept’03, VP, May’04 LWCO, Feb’06, ASOL, March’06, ASOL, April’12
  Trumpet Concerto in E-minor RSL, Dec’99





J. Haydn Sinfonia Concertante for ob, fg, vln, cello RSL, May’00
  Symphony No. 6 PFO, Oct’05
  Symphony No. 26 ASOL, March’13
  Symphony No. 30 CB, Sept’18
  Symphony No. 43 CDG, July’16
  Symphony No. 44 SV, June’01, LPW, Oct’03, RSL, Oct’04, ASOL, Nov’05, ASOL, April’19
  Symphony No. 45 CDG, July’16
  Symphony No. 48 RPO, May'94, OLCC, May’10
  Symphony No. 49 SV, June’01, LWCO, April’08, ASOL, March’13, RSL, April’16
  Symphony No. 59 ASOL, Nov’14
  Symphony No. 60 PPO, Aug’17
  Symphony No. 83 ASOL, Nov’07
  Symphony No. 92 LPW, May’03
  Symphony No. 94 NUCO, Oct'96
  Symphony No. 95 LPW, May’06
  Symphony No. 96 NJSO, Dec'96, RSL, Dec'98, RSL, Dec’14
  Symphony No. 100 NUCO, Oct’99
  Symphony No. 101 SV, June’01, OLCC, Nov’08, TOS, April’18
  Symphony No. 102 SSO, May'95
  Symphony No. 104 NJSO, Oct.'96, NUCO, Oct'97, RSL March'98, RSL, April'98, RPO, Nov'98, SV, May’01, SV, June’01 HSO, Aug’01, HSO, April’02, JMI, July’04, TOS, April’17
  Kinder Symphony RSL, March’04, SV, June’04, LPW, Feb’05, TOS, Sept’18
  Cello Concerto in C SV, June’01
  Cello Concerto in D SV, June’01
  Piano Concerto in D SV, June’01, FCO, Sept’05
  Piano Concerto in G SV, June’01
  Flute Concerto in D SV, June’01
  Trumpet Concerto ECCO, April'96, GNYO, April'96, SV, June’01, ASOL, Feb’18
  The Seasons (excerpts) ASOL, Oct’16
W.A. Mozart Overture to “Abduction from Seraglio” NJSO, Oct'95, ASOL, Sept’17
  Overture to Cosi fan tutte UTCO, April'88, ASOL, Oct’18
  Overture to “Idomeneo” OLCC, Nov’08
  Overture to “Don Giovanni” AMS, Dec'91, RSL, Oct'97, ASOL, Oct’06
  Overture to “Impresario” NUCO, May'98, RPO, Nov'98, HSO, Sept’00 ASOL, April’04, BSR, Aug’08, VSO, July’12
  Overture to “Magic Flute” KSO, Jan'91, E.Phil, April'92, RPO, May'93, NJSO, May'94, SSO, May'95, ISO, May'97, HSO, Sept’01, TOS, June’17
  Overture to “Marriage of Figaro” RSL, Oct'95, ECCO, Dec'95, NJSO, April’96, NJSO, April’97, NJSO, Feb’99, SV, June’99 HSO, Jan’02, HSCT, July’09, ASOL, March’13, ASOL, March’16, ASOL, Oct’18
  Serenata Notturna NJSO, Nov'95, RSL, Jan’00, SNS, Nov’04, ASOL, Feb’15, RSL, Oct’15
  Flute Concerto in G-Major UTCO, April'91, LPW, March’03
  Oboe Concerto NUCO, June'97
  Clarinet Concerto RSL, April’16
  Bassoon Concerto GNYO, April'95
  Horn Concerto No. 2 RSL, April'98
  Violin Concerto No. 3 in G-Major UTCO, April'91, RSL, April’13
  Violin Concerto No. 4 in D-Major RSL, March’18
  Violin Concerto No. 5 in A-Major RSL, Oct.'96, SV, June’99, OLP, March’02
  Adagio for violin & orch. K261 TS, May’18
  Rondo for violin & orch. K373 TS, May’18
  Piano Concerto No. 14 RSL, May’10, ASOL, May’12
  Piano Concerto No. 18 NUCO, May'99
  Piano Concerto No. 19 NJSO, April'95, OLP, March’02
  Piano Concerto No. 20 LPW, June’04
  Piano Concerto No. 24 TSO, April’17
  Concerto for Two Pianos in E-flat LPW, Feb’03
  Concerto for flute and harp TCSO, May’18
  Sinfonia Concertante for vln & viola NUSO, July'98, NUSO, June’00
  Divertimento in D, K136 ASOL, Sept’05, RSL, Feb’07, ASOL, Oct’10, RSL, Oct’14 CB, Jan’15, ASOL, March’17
  Divertimento in B flat, K137 RSL, Jan’06, RSL, Oct’09, ASOL, Jan’10
  Divertimento in F, K138 BYSO, Jan’06
  Divertimento in D, K251 NJSO, May'97
  Divertimento "Musical Joke" RPO, May'93, LWCO, Feb’06
  Eine Kleine Nacht Musik RPO, Nov'98, RSL, Jan’01, HSO, June’02, LPW, April’04, ASOL, March’05, ASOL, Aug’07, ASOL, July’09, ASOL, Aug’10, ASOL, Dec’10, ASOL, Feb’13, ASOL, March’13, RSL, May’14, TOS, Feb’17, LCP, Sept’17, LCP, Dec’18, ASOL, Feb’19, CDG, Aug’19
  Exultate Jubilate, K 165 RSL, Dec’03, ASOL, Dec’03, ASOL, Dec’09, ASOL, Dec’13 RSL, Dec’15, SBSO, Dec’15
  Ave Verum RSL, May’05, ASOL, May’17
  Gloria from Mass No.12 ASOL, Feb’15, ASOL, Feb’17
  Symphony No. 1 HSO, Oct’00
  Symphony No. 9 SV, Sept’03
  Symphony No. 25 NUCO, Nov'96, HSO, Aug’02, LPW, Nov’02, ASO. Feb’11, ASO, Sept’15
  Symphony No. 29 NSFO, June'90, ICO, Jan'99, VSO, July’12
  Symphony No. 33 NUCO, Feb'99
  Symphony No. 34 ESSO, April'94
  Symphony No. 35 RPO, Nov'93, RSL, Oct'98
  Symphony No. 36 NUCO, Jan'98, TCO, Sept’99
  Symphony No. 38 ESSO, Oct'92, HSO, Jan’00, MSO, July’00, SNS, Nov’04, RSL, Oct’07
  Symphony No. 39 NUSO, Feb'97, NUCO, June’00, HSO, May’01, HSO, Aug’01, OSR, Jan’16
  Symphony No. 40 KSO, Jan’90, ESSO, March’93,NUSO, Feb'97, RSL, Oct’05, GSO, Nov’18
  Symphony No. 41 NUSO Feb'97, HSO, Feb’02, RSL, Feb’03, IS, May’08, ASOL, Jan’10, ASOL, March’19
  Requiem RSL, Feb’03, ASO, Sept’15, TOS, Oct’17
  Missa Brevis K220 (Sparrow Mass) ASOL, Feb’14, ASOL, Nov’14
  Missa K232 ASOL, Feb’17, ASOL, Feb’20
  Missa Brevis K259 ASOL, May’17
  Coronation Mass, K317 SV, Sept’03, ASOL, March’08
  Dexit et Magnificat, K.136 ASOL, March’17
Marriage of Figaro ESSO, Oct'93, ASOL, May’09 (full production)
excerpts: RSL, Feb'99, RSL, April’08, VSO, July’12, ASOL, Oct’18, TOS, May’19
  Magic Flute ASOL, April’06 (full production)
excerpts: E. Phil. March, April'92, VSO, July’12, ASOL, Oct’18
  Don Giovanni excerpts: RSL, April’08, ASOL, April’10, VSO, July’12, ASOL, April’13, ASOL, Feb’17, ASOL, Oct’18
  Idomeneo (scenes) E.Phil. March, April'92
  Cosi fan tutte (scenes) E. Phil. March, April'92, RSL, Feb'99, ASOL, Oct’18
L. van Beethoven Coriolan Overture NJSO, March'96
  Leonora Overture No. 3 E. Phil. Sept'92, NJSO, March'96, SV, June’01
  Overture to Egmont ESSO, Sept'92, RSL, Oct.'96, HSO, Aug’01, SV, May’03, ASOL, Sept’03
  Overture to Creatures of Prometheus RSL, April’06
  Egmont (Complete Incidental Music) NJSO, April'96, LPW, Jan’03, TOS, April’19
  Egmont (excerpts) TOS, Sept’18
  Twelve Contradances ASOL, May’12
  Triumphal March WoO 2a TOS, Sept’18
  Piano Concerto No. 3 MSO, July’00, HSA, Nov’02, LRL, Oct’19
  Piano Concerto No. 4 RSL, Oct’05, ASOL, Jan’07, RSL, March’19
  Piano Concerto No. 5 E. Phil, April'91, NJSO, OSEM, Oct’06, ASOL, March’08, RSL, Sept’11, CCO, Sept’15, TOS, Sep’16, VDM, Nov’17
  Violin Concerto NJSO, March'96
  Romance for violin & orch. in F-Major TOS, Sept’18 Triple Concerto, TCSO, May’15, TS, May’18
  Romances for Violin and Orch. NJSO, March’96, LPW, May’06
  Choral Fantasy op. 80 ASOL, Oct’16
  Wellington’s Victory, op.91 TOS, Sept’18
  Symphony No. 1 ESSO, March'92, NUCO, March'98, ASOL, May’18
  Symphony No. 2 ESSO, March'92, NUCO, May'97, OSO, Dec'97, CDG, June’07, LSUS, Oct’19
  Symphony No. 3 E. Phil., Oct'92, RSL, May’02, ASOL, Oct’06
  Symphony No. 4 CHYO, April'97, NUCO, May'99
  Symphony No. 5 ESSO, Apr'92, NJSO, Oct'94, RSL, April'97, ISO, May'97, DSO, Feb'97, ASO, April'97, SV, June’99, HSO, March’01, LPW, Oct’02, LPW, Aug’03, ASOL, Oct’03, ASOL, Nov’03, LPW, Oct’05, BSR, Aug’08, HSCT, July’09, ASOL, March’13, ASOL, Oct’13 ASOL, Nov’13, SHSU, March’15, ASOL, March’16, TOS, Nov’16, GCSO, Feb’17, TOS, Sept’18
  Symphony No. 6 RPO, May'94, NJSO, Feb'96, SV, June’01, LPW, March’04, ASOL, Nov’13
  Symphony No. 7 RSL, Oct'95, HSO, Aug’00, HSO, Jan’01, HSO, Aug’02, LPW, Jan’03, ASOL, Oct’05, RSL, April’13, TOS, Aug’18
  Symphony No. 8 NJSO, March'96, RSL, May’04
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J. Ibert Hommage a Mozart NUCO, May'99
  Concertino for alt. sax. and orch. FCS, April’03
Ch. Ives Unanswered Question RPO, May'94
  Three Places in New England (excerpts) NJSO, Oct'94, RSL, April'97
  Variations on America SLO, Aug’00, SV, Oct’00, ASOL, Oct’04
L. Janacek Suite for Strings NUCO, Jan’00
  Sinfonietta ASOL, April’07
E. Korngold Violin Concerto in D-Major EPO, Feb’00
D. Kabalewski Comedians Gallop HSO, Jan’01
  Overture to Colas Breugnone HSO, April’02, ASOL, Nov’10
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W. Lutosławski Symphony No. 4 LPW, Feb’04, NPW, March’04
  Little Suite NJSO, April'96, NUO, Nov'98, LPW, Nov’02, LPW, May’03 TS, April’04, LPW, April’04, SPB, Nov’04, LPW, April’05, JP, June’05, BSSR, June’05, BGPO, May’08, MAV, Jan’11, ASOL, Sept’12 TCSO, March’15, TCSO, May’15, TOS, Nov’18
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  Funeral Music LPW, April’05
R. Maciejewski Scenes from the Sea (orchestral suite) LPP, May’17
G.C. Menotti Amahl and the Nights Visitors (excerpts) RSL, Dec’02
B. Martinu Concerto for String Quartet and Orchestra E. Phil, Nov'93
  Symphony No. 6 BMF, July’99
D. Milhaud La Creation du Monde ASOL, July’07, RSL, April’12, ASOL, May’13
  Suite anglaise OSB, Dec’12
J. Moncayo Huapango HSO, June’00, PPO, Nov’00, ASOL, Oct’03
C. Nielsen Flute Concerto ESSO, Dec'92
  Clarinet Concerto HSO, Sept’01
I.J. Paderewski Piano Concerto TOS, Sept’18
  Fantasie Polonaise SV, Nov’01
  Nocturne SV, Nov’01, ASOL, Oct’04, SPR, Jan’18, TOS, Nov’18
  Overture PFO, Nov’09, TOS, Nov’17, TOS, Nov’18
A. Part Fratres ASOL, April’14
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  Four Seasons of Buenos Aires RSL, Oct’09, ASOL, Jan’10, ASOL, Feb’19, TOS, March’19
  Concerto for guitar and clarinet RSL, April’11
  Oblivion ASOL, April’11
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  Three Symphonic Tangos SPO, Feb’18
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  The Story of Babar LAPO, Jan’08
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  Symphony No. 5 LPW, April’04, BLPO, Feb’08
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S. Prokofiev/J. Jenny Romeo and Juliet – Suite for viola and orch. MAV, Jan’11
M. Ravel Pavane pour une Infante Defunde NSFO, June'90
  Introduction and Allegro for harp and orch. RSL, Oct’12
  La Valse E.Phil, Sept'92, ASOL, Jan’07
  Ma Mere L'oye ESSO, March'92, NUCO, March'98, HSO, April’03, LAPO, Jan’08
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  Piano Concerto in D-Major (left hand) SPO, Feb’18
  Rapsodie Espagnole STLP, March’04
  Daphnis and Chloe, Suite #2 SGP, March’10, ASOL, Sept’14
S. Reveultas Redes (excerpts) NJSO, Oct'95
J. Rodrigo Concerto for Guitar ("Aranjuez") RSL, Oct'98, NUSO, May'99 ASOL, Oct’03, ASOL, Oct’07, RSL, Oct’07, TOS, June’17
  Zarabanda Lejana y Villancico RSL, April’11
N. Rota Divertimento for double bass & orchestra TOS, March’18
  Themes from “8 e mezza GDA, Aug’09, ASOL, Feb’13, RSL, May’14
E. Satie Parade (full ballet production) ASOL, March’18
A. Schnittke Trio Sonata for Strings FOE, Jan'98
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  Symphony No. 7 ESSO, Dec'92
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  Festive Overture NUO, June'97, NOB, March’09, ASOL, Sept’09, TCSO, Oct’11
  Six Songs to texts by Zwietayeva PPB, March’06
  Suite from “Gadfly” ASOL, Feb’16
W.G. Still Ennanga for harp, piano & strings RSL, Jan’01
  Festive Overture NJSO, Oct'95
  From the Hearts of Women ICO'99
I. Stravinsky Petrushka NJSO, March'95, LPW, May’03
  Pulcinella Suite RPO, Nov'93, NUCO, Feb'99, RSL, Oct’99, ASOL, Nov’07
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  Three Japaneese Lyrics Morph, Nov'93
  Two Suites for Small Orchestra NUCO, Oct'96
  Soldier’s Tale ASOL, Sept’05, RSL, Jan’06
  Dumbarton Oaks OSO, Dec'97
J. Suk Serenade for Strings RSL, Dec’04
K. Szymanowski Ballet-Pantomime "Harnasie" NUSO, Nov'98, TOS, Nov’17
  Violin Concerto No.2 LPW, March’00, ASOL, Sept’06, TOS, Oct’19
  Symphony No. 3 SV, Sept’02
  Three Songs after Kasprowicz LPW, April’04, LPW, April’05, BLPO, Feb’08
  Stabat Mater JP, June’05
M. Castelnuovo-Tedesco Concerto for Two Guitars, op. 201 NUSO, June"98
J. Tavener Hymns after George Herbert ASOL, Nov’14
V. Thomson Acadiana Songs and Dances ASOL, Sept’04, ASOL, March’05, ASOL, March’11 ASOL, March’20
  Louisiana Story ASOL, Sept’04
Thomson/Anger/Smolij Acadiana Songs and Dances for “Fiddlers 4” and orchestra ASOL, Dec’04
V. Trojan Fairy Tales for accordion and orchestra TCSO, Nov’11
R. Vaughan-Williams English Folk Songs Suite HSO, Oct’01, FCS, April’03
  Variations on Greensleaves RSL, Dec’96, ASOL, Dec’09, ASOL, Nov’10
  Hodie (excerpts) RSL, Dec’15
H. Villa-Lobos Bachianas Brasileiras UTCO, Jan'91, HSO, March’01, RSL, April’01
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W. Walton Façade ASOL, July’06, ASOL, Sept’06, RSL, April’12
A. Webern Songs op. 8 MNE, Feb'93
  Langsamersatz for strings RSL, Jan’00, CB, Jan’15


J. Adams Short Ride in a Fast Machine HSO, Feb’02
S. Amundson Angel’s Dance RSL, Dec’05
L. Anderson Home Stretch RPO, Nov’93, NJSO, Feb’96, HSO, March’01, HSO, Nov’01, LPW, Aug’03, LPW, Nov’03, SV, June’04, LPW, Feb’05
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  Blue Tango HSO, July’01
  Summer Skies ASOL, July’06, ZPO, June’19, TOS, Aug’19
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  The First Day of Spring ASOL, March’07, ASOL, April’12
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  Penny-Whistle Song RSL, Aug’06, ASOL, March’10
  Pyramid Dance RSL, Aug’06, ASOL, March’10
  Waltzing Cat HSO, March’01
  Horse and Buggy HSO, Aug’01, HSO, Feb’02, LPW, Aug’03, SV, June’04
  Typewriter TCO, Jan’95, LPW, April’04, ASOL, June’14, PPB, Jan’15
L. Arnaud Selection from “Charge” HSO, Aug’02, LPW, April’04
G. Bacewicz Concerto for Strings NUCO, April’00, CB, Sept’13, RSL, March’19
  Divertimento for Strings CB, Sept’13
  Symphony for Strings CB, Sept’13, CB, Jan’15
  Piano Quintet No. 2 (orch. version) CB, Sept’13
  Violin Concerto No. 7 PFO, Nov’09
P. Baker Fanfare Marquise de Lafayette  (world premiere) ASOL, Sept’07
M. Bałenkowski Hommage a Lipiński TOS, Oct’19
A. Benjamin Jamaica Rumba HSO, April’02
Y. Bao Symphony No. 3 “Peking Opera” TCSO, Nov’11
T.A. Barberau Jazz Tensions for tuba and strings CB, March’18
L. Bermundez Prende la vela OSB, Dec’12
H. Blake The Snowman RSL, Dec'98, RSL, Dec’00, RSL, Dec’02, RSL, Dec’04
E. Bloch Baal Shem IS, Jan’06, MAV, Sept’09
  Suite Hebraique MAV, Sept’09
  Suite for Viola and Orchestra MAV, Sept’09
  Prayer for double bass & orch. TOS, March’18
B. Boehme Violin Concerto No. 2 PFO, Oct’05
A. Bologna Urban Landscapes (world premiere) CDG, June’07
W. Bolcom Clarinet Concerto NUSO, April'99
  Orpheus Serenade MNI, Jan’05, LWCO, Feb’06
  Three Rags for strings ASOL, Feb’14, RSL, Oct’14, CB, March’18
F. Borne Carmen Fantasy RSL, Dec’04
K. Bostic The August Wilson Symphony RSL, March’19
  Selected Songs RSL, March’19
P. Breiner Beatles Go Baroque ASOL, Feb’12, ASOL, April’14, PPO, Aug’17, ASOL, Oct’17 CB, March’18
J. Bock Symphonic Dances from “Fiddler on the Roof” ZPO, June’19, SPO, Jan’20
J. Burke Isabel (excerpts) ASOL, April’10
A. Clinge “Circle of Faith” for Narrator, Native Indian Drummers and Symphony Orchestra E. Phil, Sept'92
C. Colazzo Ballata della done (world premiere) OSL, Dec’04
D. Constantinides Mountains of Epirus Concertino ASOL, Oct’15
J. Corigliano Promenade Overture HSO, Nov’01
  Suite from The Red Violin RSL, Oct’04
M. Cynk Planetoida Toruń TOS, Sept’17
  Kantata 1454 TOS, Oct.18
  Kantata 1466 (world premiere) TOS, Oct’18
C. Czernovin Monoalchadiya MNI, Jan’05
J. Dean Four Spirituals (world premiere) RSL, Dec’05 
D. Devillier “To Hold the Earth” (world premiere) ASOL, Sept’16 
A. Doss Ave Maria LCP, Sept’17
M. Engebretson Duo Concertante for 2 alto saxes and orch. (world premiere) LPW, March’03 
A.J. Falenta Universe (world premiere) TOS, March’18
  Polonaise for orchestra (world premiere) TOS, Aug’19 
B. Francis Beautiful San Andres OSB, Dec’12
D. Freund Hard Cells MNE, Oct'92
D. Foster Jubilate Deo ASOL, May’18
F. Frolich I wett imene Baum wohne (world premiere) BSOS, Aug’05, BRNS, Nov’08
  “What is the Moon Up To?” RSL, April’07, ASOL, April’07
H. Gao Concerto for Pipa and orchestra ASOL, March’11
C. Garcia Stabat Mater (American premiere) ASOL, April’19 
C. Gardel Por Una Cabeza ASOL, Feb’13, RSL, May’14
S. Gerber Ode for Strings (U.S. East Coast premiere) RSL, Jan’01
D. Ghezzo Transylvanian Dance GDA, July’09
P. Grella-Możejko Euphonia SNS, Nov’04
S. Gubajdulina Marchenpoem KPO, March’05
P. Iannitti-Piromallo Momenti per archi (world premiere) CDG, May’10
J. Haarvig Autumn Leaves (U.S. East Coast premiere) RSL, Dec’02 
D. Haddad Suite for tuba and strings CB, March’18
A. Hailstork Symphony No. 1 ICO, Jan’99
  Cantata “I will lift up mine eyes” HSO, March’01
  Four Spirituals TOS, Sept’18
H. Hallgrimsson Poemi for Violin and Strings (Chicago premiere) FOE, Jan'98 
G. Harvey Concerto Antico for Guitar & Orch. LPW, Oct’05
Ch. Hauser The Little Engine HSO, Feb’02
V. Hely-Hutchinson “Carol Symphony” RSL, Dec'98
V. Herbert March of Toys RSL, Dec’96, RSL, Dec’00, ASOL, Dec’04, RSL, Dec’07, ASOL, Dec’08 RSL, Dec’09, ASOL, Dec’10, ASOL, Nov’11, RSL, Dec’12, RSL, Dec’14, ASOL, Dec’14, RSL, Dec’16, ASOL, Dec’16, ASOL, Dec’17, ASOL, Dec’19
K. Hutchinson Eclectica JMI, July’04
He/Chen Violin (“Butterfly”) Concerto LPW, Feb’04
Yi Chen Ge Xu (Antiphony) TCSO/SUSK, March’15, TCSO, May’15
H. Hua Chilly Moon in Spring NJSO, Oct'94, (Polish premiere) LPW, Oct.’04
T. Ichiyanagi “Paganini Personal” for marimba and orch. (European premiere) LPW, Jan’03 
R. Kazhiloti Concertstuck (world premiere) MNI, Jan’05 
B. Kershner Portraits - Bassoon Concerto (world premiere) RSL, April’01 
J. Kern Yesterdays ASOL, April’19
A. Kernis New Era Dance NUSO, April'99, (Polish premiere) LPW, Aug’02 
  Musica Celestis RSL, Oct’04
I. Karkoff Polonaise TOS, Nov’18
W. Kilar Symphonic Poem "Krzesany" NUSO, Nov'98, LPW, June’04, JP, June’05, BPC, May’09, EPSO, April’12, ASOL, Sept’14
  Orawa” for strings SV, Nov’01, LPW, Aug’02, LPW, Aug’03 RCO, Jan’04, TS, April’04, RSL, May’04, ASOL, Oct’04, LPW, April’05, ASOL, Aug’07, BPC, May’09
  Exodus ASOL, April’07, DSSO, Nov’11, TOS, Nov’18
  Polonaise from “Pan Tadeusz LPW, Oct’03, TOS, Nov’17
  September Symphony LPW, Sept’04
  Missa Pro Pace (American premiere) April’05 
K. Lidholm Music for Strings SV, May’01
F. Loewe My Fair Lady (excerpts) IFOG, June’19
R. Lombardo Concerto for Mandolin and Orchestra FOE, Jan'98
R. Maggio At the River (world premiere) RSL, Jan’06 
M. Makebe Click Song JMI, July’04
A. Marquez Danzon No. 2 ASOL, Oct’14, TOS, June’17, SPO, Feb’18
C. Marucho Cosas de mi tierras OSB, Dec’12
G. McClure Legacy of the Atchafalaya (world premiere) ASOL, Oct’13 
K. Meyer Fanfare for the Wroclaw Philharmonic (world premiere) LPW, Sept’04 
B. Montano Scherzo for piccolo, contrabassoon and orch. (world premiere) HSO, Nov’01
E. Morricone Themes from “The Mission” GDA, Aug’09, ASOL, Feb’17
P. Moss Tissages (world premiere) MNI, Jan’05 
  Symfonia Probaltica TOS, Nov’18
D. Ott Festive Christmas Overture RSL, Dec’00
A. Panufnik Old Polish Suite LPW, Oct’03, RSL, Feb’07, ASOL, Sept’07, ASOL, July’09, OLCC, May’10, CDG, May’10, ASOL, Aug’10, ASOL, Dec’10
  Jagiellonian Triptych SV, June’05
  Concerto in Modo Antico SV, June’05, LWCO, April’08
  Divertimento After Janiewicz SV, June’05
  Homage a Chopin SV, June’05
R. Panufnik “Leda” (world premiere) LPW, Oct’03 
J.K. Pawluskiewicz Ludźmierz Vespers for Chorus, Orchestra and SATB soloists (American premiere) PASO, March’99, PASO, Oct’99
K. Penderecki Sinfonietta per archi SV, May’01
R. Peasslee Divertimento for Brass and Percussion UTCO, Jan'91
D. Perttu Fanfare Acadien (world premiere) ASOL, Sept’19, ASOL, Oct’19, ASOL, March’20
C. Porter Porter’s Song Book (arranged) ASOL, May’13
M. Ptaszyńska Saxophone Concerto (world premiere) NUCO, Jan'98, (European premiere) LPW, March’03 
  Orphee Sonets CME, Nov'98, NUCO, March’00
  Inverted Mountain (European premiere) LPW, June’04 
  Concerto Grosso LPW, June’04
  Sinfonia Wratislavia (world premiere) LPW, Sept’04 
A. Read-Thomas Words of the Sea (European premiere) LPW, March’04 
  In My Sky at Twilight (Polish premiere) LPW, March’04 
A. Reed Russian Christmas Music RSL, Dec’04, ASOL, Dec’05, ASOL, Dec’09, RSL, Dec’15 SBSO, Dec’15, ASOL, Dec’15
P. Riess Essey for violin and orchestra (world premiere) TOS, Oct’19 
R. Rogers Suite from “Oklahoma” Feb’02, HSO, July’06, RSL, July’05, ASOL, July’06, ASOL, June’08, LPW, April’11 ASOL, Jan’15, PPO, June’15, ASOL, July’15, RSL, Jan’18, TOS, Jan’18, PPO, Jan’18 
  Suite from “Sound of Music” HSO, March’01, HSO, April”01, RSL, April’02, SV, Aug’02, LPW, Jan’03, ASOL, July’04, ASOL, April’09, ASOL, April’13, ASOL, March’15, PPO, Jan’17
D. Romer/B. Zeitlin Beast of the Southern Wild (with live movie) ASOL, Nov’19
A. Romero Tango Furioso GDA, Aug’09
N. Rosauro Concerto for Marimba and Strings HSO, Aug’00
K. Rosner Spanish Rhapsody for Two Violins & Orch. PFO, Oct’05
Ch. Rouse Rapture ASOL, Nov’03, NPW, March’04
M. Rozsa Suite from El Cid RSL, July’07
  Suite from Quo Vadis LPW, June’08, ASOL, Nov’08, PPB, June’10
  Suite from Ben Hur LPW, June’08, ASOL, Nov’08, PPB, June’10, MAV, Oct’16, TOS, Jan’18, TOS, Feb’18, ASOL, March’18, ZPO, June’19, TOS, Sept’19, ASOL, Sept’19
  Viola Concerto MAV’Nov’07, ASOL, Nov’08
  Three Hungarian Sketches MAV’Nov’07
  Hungarian Serenade MAV’Nov’07, MAV, Sept’09
  Overture to a Symphony Concert MAV, Sept’09
  Rhapsody for Cello and orchestra (world Premiere recording) MAV, Sept’09 
S. Sato Four Seasons for chorus and orch. SV, May’03
B. Saylor “World Awaking” for chorus and orchestra (world premiere) RSL, May’00 
R. Schmidt Suite for Brass, Percussion and Harp UTCO, Oct'90
C.M. Schönberg Les Miserables (full production) ASOL, April’15
  Les Miserables (excerpts) IFOG, June’19, ASOL, Sept’19
A. Schreiner “Worried Drummer” HSO, Nov’01
S. Secunda Tango de la Luna ASOL, April’14
A. Senderovas Final Dance TOS, Nov’19
K. Serocki Piano Concerto “Romantic” TOS, Nov’19
L. Shan-Yuan “Dance of the Yao People” HSO, June’02, LPW, Nov’02
B. Sheng Fanfare from “The Dreams of China” HSO, Jan’01
W. Schuman New England Triptych AWS, July’07
R. Sheldon Cuban Dances ASOL, June’18, PPO, Jan’19, TOS, Jan’19
S. Sondheim Overture to “Funny Things Happened on the Way to the Forum” NUCO, Feb’97
  “Anyone Can Whistle” (excerpts) NUCO, Feb’97
  “Company” (excerpts) NUCO, Feb’97
  “Follies” (excerpts) NUCO, Feb’97, RSL, July’17, TOS, Jan’18, PPO, Jan’18, LPP, May’19 ZPO, June’19
  “A Little Night Music” (excerpts) NUCO, Feb’97, RSL, Sept’13
  “Pacific Overtures” (excerpts) NUCO, Feb’97
  “Sweeney Todd” (excerpts) NUCO, Feb’97, RSL, Sept’13
  “Sunday in the Park with George”, (excerpts) Feb’97
  “Into the Woods”, (excerpts) NUCO, Feb’97
D. Stock Concerto for percussion and orchestra ASOL, Oct’09
J. Świder Alma Redemptoris Mater for orchestra and chorus (world premiere) RSL, June'05
T. Szeligowski Comedy Overture PFO, Dec’06, PFO, Oct’07, PPO, Feb’09, LPO, Feb’09
  Four Polish Dances PFO, Dec’06, PFO, Feb’07, (world premiere recording) PFO, Oct’07 
  Nocturne for Orchestra PFO, Feb’07, (world premiere recording) PFO, Oct’07 
  Piano Concerto PFO, Feb’07
  Concerto for Orchestra PFO, Dec’06
R. Theofanidis Rainbow Body HSO, Sept’00
J. Tower Flute Concerto FCS, April’03
C. Trapani “Canaries in the Morning, Balloons at Night” (world premiere) ASOL, Sept’04 
R. Twardowski Serenade for Strings TOS, Dec’17
  Concerto for Violin and Strings TOS, Dec’17
  Capriccio in Blue TOS, Dec’17, TOS, Feb’19
  Nigunnim for violin and orchestra TOS, Dec’17
  Spanish Fantasy TOS, Dec’17, TOS, Feb’19
  Tango for 6 cellos and orch. (world premiere)  SPO, Jan’20 
A. Veismane Awakening TOS, Nov’19
H. Wars City Sketches SV, Sept’19
  Piano Concerto SV, Sept’19
P. White Five Dances HSO, March’01, LPW, Nov’03
J. Williams Cowboy Overture HSO, June’00, June’02, RSL, April’02, July’02, (Polish premiere) SV, Aug’02, SV, July’04, RSL, July’05 JPO, Nov’05, LPP, June’07, PPB, May’08, ASOL, April’11, RSL, July’11, PPO, Jan’13, POS, Jan’13, OPO, Jan’16, SPO, Jan’16, PPO, Jan’16, LPP, Jan’17, TOS, Feb’17, ASOL, April’17, TOS, April’17SL, July’17, SPR, Jan’18, LWP, Jan’19, TOS, Sept’19, SBS, Jan’20, OPO, Jan’20
  Raider’s March NJSO, June’96, SV, Aug’02, ASOL, July’04, SOF, Aug’04, FBSO, Sept’07, ASOL, Nov’08, ASOL, April’09 ASOL, Sept’13, PPO, Jan’14, TOS, Aug’18
  Adventures on Earth – ET NJSO, Nov’95, NJSO, June’96, HSO, Aug’02 SOF, Aug’04, ASOL, Oct’07, PPB, June’10, ASOL, Sept’13, PPB, Jan’15, TOS, Sept’17, ASOL, March’19, LPP, May’19, ZPO, June’19
  Shindler’s List NJSO Nov’95, LPW, June’05, LPP, June’07, ASOL, Nov’08, PPO, Jan’19 SPR, Feb’19
  Star Wars LPW, Jan’94, PPO, Jan’94, RSL, July’95, NJSO, June’95, NJSO, Nov’95, HSO, March’02, HSO, Aug’02, LPW, May’03, ASOL, Oct’07 ASOL, April’11, ASOL, Sept’13, TOS, April’17, TOS, Sept’17, TOS, Aug’19
  Jurrasic Park NJSO, Nov’95
  Harry Potter HSO, April’03, RSL, July’03, ASOL, April’04, LPW, April’04, SV, June’04, ASOL, July’04, ASOL, July’06, ASOL, Oct’07, ASOL, Nov’10 PPO, Jan’13, POS, Jan’13, ASOL, Sept’13, OPO, Jan’16, SPO, Jan’16, PPO, Jan’16, TOS, Feb’17, SPR, Jan’18, TOS, Feb’18, LWP, Jan’19, ZPO, June’19, ASOL, Oct’19, SBS, Jan’20, OPO, Jan’20
  Selections from Home Alone ASOL, Dec’04, RSL, Dec’11, RSL, Dec’12, ASOL, Dec’15, ASOL, Dec’16, ASOL, Dec’17
  Liberty Fanfare RSL, July’06, RSL, July’11, ASOL, July’13, RSL, July’14, ASOL, June’16
  The Patriot ASOL, July’04, LPW, June’08, RSL, July’08, RSL, July’10, ASOL, July’12 RSL, June’13, ASOL, June’15, RSL, July’16, ASOL, June’18, TOS, Sept’19, SPO, Jan’20, PPO, Jan’20
  March from Midway RSL, Aug’06, ASOL, April’08, PPO, Jan’19, SPR, Feb’19
  March from “1941” RSL, July’07, ASOL, July’11, PPO, Jan’18, ASOL, April’18
D. Williamson “Joy!” (Gospel Chorus and Orchestra) ASOL, Dec’06
A. Winitsky Samba for guitar and string orchestra LWCO, Feb’06
A. Wolman “M” for tape and orchestra (American premiere) NUCO, April’00 
Ch. Xu Phoenix for Yangqin and String Orchestra TCSO, Nov’11, RSL, April’13, ASOL, Feb’15, TCSO, May’15
  Rhapfest TCSO/SUSK, March’15, TCSO, May’15, (American premiere) ASOL, Sept’16 
  Legend of Kuala TCSO, Dec’18
E. Zador Aria and Allegro MAV, Sept’10
  Divertimento for strings MAV, Sept’11, CB, Jan’15
  Elegy and Dance MAV, Sept’11
  Five Contrasts MAV, Sept’10
  Hungarian Capriccio MAV, Sept’10
  Csardas Rhapsody MAV, Sept’10, ASOL, March’16, NMF, June’16, LPP, Feb’17, TOS, April’17
  Children Symphony MAV, Sept’10
  Oboe Concerto MAV, Sept’11
  Studies for Orchestra MAV, Sept’11, LPP, Jan’17
  Festive Overture MAV, Sept’14
  Variations on a Hungarian Folk Tune MAV, Sept’14
  Fugue Fantasy MAV, Sept’14
  Symphony No. 3 (Dance Symphony) MAV, Sept’14
  Christmas Overture MAV, Sept’15
  Elegy (“Plains of Hungary”) MAV, Sept’15, TOS, Sept’19
  Biblical Triptych MAV, Sept’15, LPP, Jan’17
  Rhapsody for Large Orchestra MAV, Sept’15
  Rhapsody MAV, Sept’17
  Dance Overture MAV, Sept’17
  Rhapsody for Cimbalom and orchestra MAV, Sept’17
  Hungarian Rhapsody for Double Bass and orchestra MAV, Sept’17
  Variations on a Merry Theme MAV, Sept’17
  In Memoriam MAV, Sept’18
  Symphonia Technica MAV, Sept’18
  Tarantella Scherzo MAV, Sept’18
  Trombone Concerto MAV, Sept’18
  Music for Clarinet & Strings MAV, Sept’18
D. Zannoni Concerto for Marimba and Strings (world premiere) RSL, Sept’01 
L. Zhou The Rhyme of Taigu TCSO/SUSK, March’15, TCSO, May’15
E. T. Zwillich Horn Concerto NUCO, May'98
  Triple Concerto for Piano, Violin and Cello (U.S. East Coast Premiere) NJSO, March'96 



My repertoire also includes a large selection of symphonic pops music and musical theater productions that is not included in the above listing but was performed with several orchestras including the Rochester Philharmonic, Houston Symphony and the New Jersey Symphony among many others.